It is hard to find any other activities that are more viral than skateboarding nowadays. Still, the high risk of getting injured and overwhelming level of difficulty stop many people from trying the leisure. In this article, I will try to give you some helpful tips that you could use in learning skateboarding

Tips For Learning Skateboarding For Newbies

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Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You

Get the basic grip

First thing first, you have to learn how to stand on the board before getting straights to ollies. We all know what you expect to do when buying a board, but rushing will get you to nowhere. Then, your leisure pursuit will die prematurely due to loss of motivation.

Try to stand stably on the board

This is the most basic thing to do. Find a stable ground like grass or carpet to put your skateboard on. The terrain will help hold the board securely so it won’t roll when you are trying to keep your feet from trembling.

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Find the most comfortable foot position for you. If you get your left foot forward your right one, you will ride with the former and push with the latter. Vice versa, putting the right foot in front of the left one means you will ride with the right.

Take it slow for the first pushes

Skateboard concave shapes
Skateboard concave shapes

After getting used to standing, you should move to level concrete ground and create some momentum. If you are not ready, you could take some short “stabs” first rather than long pushes. Then, lengthen the pushes so you could ride more smoothly and stay balanced better.

Perfect your riding position

When you are sliding, the position is of great importance. Your riding foot needs to be put sideways, and the pushing foot should rest lightly on the fishtail at the back so you could stop quickly. To stand stably, you will need to bend your knee a little, but generally standing upright is essential for balance.

More specifically, your forward foot should be put on the front truck screws or just behind it. And, your back foot has to be near the back of the board or on the tail. According to my experience, having the foot on the tail help us perform kick-turn easier.

You may find the step troublesome, but believe me, after you figure it out, you are close to successfully riding.

Pay more attention to kickturning

the best cities in the world for Longboarding
the best cities in the world for Longboarding

Basically, you have to shift your weight forward and back using force from the ankle to turn. Depending on your trucks’ tightness and whether you want to go right or left, you have to adjust the amount of pressure.

However, to rapidly avoid obstacles or make a tight turn, you have to upgrade your motions to kickturning. It is a very valuable skill, requiring only a little practicing. Put a slight pressure to the tail using your back foot to the front wheels are lifted off the ground a bit, then pivot your whole body to the direction you want to turn. If you are successful, the skateboard will keep going in the right wat smoothly.

The tip here is just the amount of pressure you apply on the tail. If it is too much, the board may slip out of the track and you will fall. Just note this, kickturning has to be done in only one motion. The faster you handle, the smoother the turn is.

Choose the best way to stop

There are two options for you. To stop, you can gradually slow down and put a foot to the pavement. This way is safe and peaceful. Besides, it helps maintain the best condition of your skateboard.

Another option is the tail stop. Use this when you want to halt suddenly. However, the consequence is the back tail will wear down. If you don’t mind ruining the plastic stopper which could be replaced easily, you should choose this one.

Upgrade Your Performance

Having the wrong foot position when pushing
Having the wrong foot position when pushing

Get acquainted with falling is the key

No one likes falling. It is scary and very discouraging. However, even though you could make it safe from starting to smoothly skate up to now, you should learn how to fall just in case. You don’t know what will happen, especially when you are on an open road. So, this step is essential for your self-protection.

When you are skating, the most common problems is jamming up the wheels from running over small pebbles and hitting a sudden crack. Be focus on the terrain. When you are about to fall, try to hut the ground with your hand and knee, where gloves and kneepads should be. This way, you can avoid nasty injuries.

Join a community of skaters

Since skating is more and more popular these days, I believe that there are people holding the same hobby as you in your neighborhood. Find them and join them, you will learn much than endeavoring yourself for a long year. Often, people in this community are more than willing to help newbies and share tricks and tips. They will also make sure you wear enough safe gears and tell you their own experiences.

However, you should know yourself and which level you are at. Some guys are eager to have someone who could perform tricks with them, and you may be persuaded without careful consideration. When you are still learning how to stop, don’t ever try ollies!

Watch lots of skating videos

They are at your hand just by one click. Youtube is a foundation where you could find plenty of guides, tutorials, and tips for beginners. I could recommend Aaron Kyro, who offers excellent tutorials and information in this field. His careful instructions helped me much when I first stepped into this field.

Befriend the gravity

One quick way to do it is to try skating downhill. It is the first step on your way of becoming an advanced skater. The first time is a frightening experience for everyone, but when you have got a good grip on how to fall, you will be more confident.

To stay balanced on the board, lower your center of gravity and use your arms to keep your body from swaying side to side. Your ankles must be still on the board. In fact, when you are at a high speed, small movements could generate huge swings, and you may end up getting thrown from your skateboard.

Only try tricks when you are ready

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

Remember to master the fundamentals first, then you could start with the easiest tricks. I’m sure you could find the videos featuring ollie, shove-it, kick-flip, and grinding. Just one or two of them could upgrade your performance much more than you could imagine before trying.

Final Thought

Skateboarding is super amazing, and it is not so difficult that you couldn’t pursue. Just keep skating, and learn through trials and errors. You may fail once or twice, but don’t get discouraged. There is much room even for the professionals to improve, and you have plenty of time to enjoy. Good luck skating and don’t forget to share the joy with your friends, too.