Are Playshion Longboards Good For Beginners?

With lots of different longboard brands on the market, it’s always difficult to tell which one you should trust, especially when you’re still a beginner. Understanding this, it’s our mission to introduce some of the best longboard for beginners.

In this post, we’ll be talking about Playshion longboards and discussing whether their products are good for beginners.

About Playshion Longboards

the new longboard wheels called Shark Wheels
the new longboard wheels called Shark Wheels

The brand is still considered a relatively new competitor in the longboard market. However, within just a few years, Playshion has managed to make a name for themselves by having some of the best longboards.

Playshion (or also known as Yongkang Playshion Leisure Supplies Co., Ltd) was a Chinese company based in Zhejiang, China. They’re famous for producing various products such as scooters, skateboards, longboards, and so on.


What are some tips for learning skateboarding?

It is hard to find any other activities that are more viral than skateboarding nowadays. Still, the high risk of getting injured and overwhelming level of difficulty stop many people from trying the leisure. In this article, I will try to give you some helpful tips that you could use in learning skateboarding

Tips For Learning Skateboarding For Newbies

Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You
Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You

Get the basic grip

First thing first, you have to learn how to stand on the board before getting straights to ollies. We all know what you expect to do when buying a board, but rushing will get you to nowhere. Then, your leisure pursuit will die prematurely due to loss of motivation.

Try to stand stably on the board

This is the most basic thing to do. Find a stable ground like grass or carpet to put your skateboard on. The terrain will help hold the board securely so it won’t roll when you are trying to keep your feet from trembling.

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Find the most comfortable foot position for you. If you get your left foot forward your right one, you will ride with the former and push with the latter. Vice versa, putting the right foot in front of the left one means you will ride with the right.