Our Story

Hey there, we’re ANTIZ skateboard! We traveled from Alaska to California because we were bored of ice skating. We wanted to try “land” skating, or as you may call it skateboarding. We actually moved to California for good. The weather is super nice here. And we love it!

Besides writing blog posts, we have a little shop in our local area. Players come to have their skateboards fixed or seek our advice on which skateboard to choose for their budget and body types. We thought we could just as well put the info online so more people can access it and share it with their friends. And so we did! This ANTIZ skateboard blog carries our hope that folks everywhere will be able to find useful info about this amazing sport!

Our Reviewers

Leona Sence, CEO

Welcome, bro! I’m Leona Sence. Originally, I was born in Alaska. I’ve seen polar bears my entire time there. Traveling to California on summer had a great impact on me. It was a total different world. I mean, there are still bears, but they’re now grizzly brown bears, right. Just like the Calif. flag. I love the weather here. And the thing that made me stay was this sport, skateboarding. You can still do skateboarding in Alaska, but for me it’s just not as fun. I find it ironic that folks like me wanted to try out the sport so bad back home; yet when I got to Calif. I saw signs like “No skateboarding please” on sidewalks. Whut?!

I’ve touched more than hundreds of skateboards over the years. And I can tell you for sure, I know which ones are just crap and which ones are definitely worth it. Here, I share all that I know with you. So, check out the reviews and send me a message if you’re stuck. I’ll be glad to help you out!

James J. Blanford, Manager

Hi folks, I’m the manager of ANTIZ skate. In the skate shop, I help players fix problems with the boards. Some of the most common ones I’ve seen are the wheels are not rolling very smoothly, the deck is slippery, or the board doesn’t seem to provide good balance. Trust me, I have answers to all of these questions and more. My experience tells me that, for you first timers, choosing a “good enough” skateboard is, well good enough. Once you get going and your skills improve, you’d care more about investing for your board. That’s the way to go!